“At Waypoints we regard each and every one
of our residents as an individual...”

Head of care

Waypoints is a magical place. Each resident is seen as an individual person with their own life stories, experiences and needs. Wonderful friendships are made here and staff have a genuine affection and respect for those in their care.

Our care approach understands how different types of dementia affects people and we adapt our responses to changes in behaviour and health of residents to ensure their dignity is respected and perception of life around them is reassuring.

Stopping for a chat or joining in with an activity is never seen as a waste of staff time - it is precious therapy and there is no better tonic than laughter and conversation.

Relatives have peace of mind knowing that there is always a qualified nurse on duty to respond to any medical needs and we value their knowledge about the resident when developing personalised Care Plans."

Our care

 Person centred care
 Privacy & dignity
 Food & nutrition
 Families & carers
 Social & community life

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