“Our Concept is extremely important to us and our team as we
want to make a clear statement about what Waypoints stands for”

The Waypoints concept

Before we ever put 'pen to paper' in sketching out how our first Home was to look we gave long and careful consideration to how it was to be run and operated. Providing high quality care was uppermost in our thoughts and we envisaged a totally different approach in the management of Dementia at all levels. The result was the formation of the basis of our Concept comprising 10 important factors.

It is important to recognise that our Concept was shaped following many a meeting with our resident Care Nurse at the time; Mr Andrew Hart who was heading up our new Care Department. It was during this period that, based on our Concept, Andrew wrote down his thoughts on what would be so special about Waypoints and its approach. Showing clearly the relevance in the way we would run our Home then as indeed now - it can be read by using the ‘Moving Home’ link opposite.
Sadly, poor Andrew suddenly passed away during 2011 not having seen our Home completed.

Our Concept is extremely important to us and our team at Waypoints. We wish to make a clear statement of our intent sending out our message of exactly why Waypoints is different in so many ways from its competition within the Care sector. It shows what Waypoints stands for; forming a bond and our pledge to our Residents, their families and friends on the quality and care that they can expect from us at Waypoints at all times.

As you would expect and will read by browsing through our Website the initial Concept has been much developed since 2011. It is helping us in so many important ways; from the initial design of our Homes coupled with the quality of care we are able to offer, to the calibre of our staff we have recruited and trained within our four walls, to the way in which our Home integrates with the local communities in which we operate.


Each of our Homes will be purposely designed and constructed for the care and management of all types of Dementia; from early onset to the fully assisted Resident.
Each will be constructed around a central hub which usually is fully glazed from floor to ceiling giving an open, fresh and vibrant feel. From our hub each of our four wings will radiate out and each of its occupants encouraged to explore; either meeting new friends or old acquaintances, and always passing through the hub as the focal point.


Our glazed Hubs and Reception areas house our main communal areas and it is where most of the action takes place allowing our residents to lead the Waypoints’ 'way of life'.
In addition; each will contain two different styles of restaurants, activities centre, our 'Olde World Sweet Shoppe' and our Hairdressing Salon.


Our Bistro styled restaurant will be where most of the action takes place with dining inside; or out on our terrace when the warmer climbs are with us, under its parasols having breakfast and overlooking wonderful scenery - how nice will that be!


Our ' Themed ' Restaurants will be a quieter and more relaxed affair with table linen with dining inside; or out again under parasols and even more spectacular scenery.
This is where we encourage our families and friends to meet to dine together with their loved ones.


Mealtimes to vary according to the demand with hot and cold beverages and light snacks and breakfasts being served from 7.00am to 7.30 pm, in our Bistro Restaurant.
In addition dining in both restaurants will revolve around our 'Menu of the Day' which changes on a daily basis; this being in addition to our Regular Menu which is seasonal and changes accordingly.
Generally though lunches are served from midday.


Food generally will be prepared, cooked and served on demand at any time of the day as we feel food is such an important function with dementia sufferers and is such a positive ' Memory enhancer’ for some of our residents.
So at Waypoints there is no queuing for food or sitting around the edge of the room waiting for food as is common nowadays.
Breakfast, Lunch and Suppers can of course be served in the resident’s suite or bedroom if so desired.


During twilight hours further snacks and cereals etc. and cold beverages can be obtained from our Pantries which are situated within each wing.
Staff will also available to organize hot beverages when required.


Freedom of movement is of paramount importance at Waypoints Care.
As everything revolves around our glazed Hubs we actively encourage our residents to wander to each wing opposite their own with little or no restriction anywhere; including our reception areas and public lifts.
Each of our corridors are linked using colours and themes to help our residents identify their location.


We guarantee to be totally open and will hold regular meetings with our residents and their families and friends so that they are directly involved.


"Dementia Care..... with Dignity in Mind" is the basis of everything we do and means everything to us and our staff at Waypoints Care. We will not deviate from following this Policy - it will be our Pledge to our Residents, Families and Friends alike.


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