“Central to our operating philosophy is ‘Person Centred Care’ which is providing care to a person as an individual...”

Person centred care

Central to our operating philosophy is ‘Person Centred Care’ which is providing care to a person as an individual rather than focusing on their Dementia or any abilities lost or impaired by the condition.

Instead we focus on the special attributes that they have and which makes us all individuals. It ensures that people are treated with dignity and respect and takes into account their capabilities, preferences and needs.


We consistently provide care in this way by:

  • Involving residents and families in the planning of care

  • Focussing on the positives and identifying people’s strengths

  • Building a full Life Story for our residents; not just looking at dates, but understanding the times in a person’s life when they were most happy

  • Identifying people’s aspirations and seeing whether we can help them achieve some of them, even if it is partially

  • Ensuring our residents maintain relationships with friends and family both inside and outside of their home

  • Ensuring that our residents still play a part in the wider community by attending functions or groups or simply exercising their right to vote

  • Understanding the care we deliver and the care home environment from the resident’s perspective

  • Offering choice across all aspects of an individual’s life at Waypoints; for example from meal times and food options to activities and daily routine

  • Opening our doors to families and friends at all times and also encouraging residents to go out and visit them

  • Asking for feedback from residents and their relatives on the quality of our services.

We focus on our homes having a friendly and positive atmosphere. We believe that people with Dementia can live active and fulfilling lives for as long as possible with the professional care and support in a home environment designed for their needs.


We do this by:

  • Allowing freedom of movement throughout the home and gardens. This can provide stimulation and encourages active mobility for physical exercise and therapeutic social lives.

  • Always saying hello whether it is the first time you have met a resident that day or the hundredth, because for them it might always seem like the first time.

  • Laughing with staff and residents – good humour and fun are essential ingredients in a happy home.

  • Agreeing with our residents – they may be disorientated in time and place, but we will not contradict them as for them it is real and we should always respect that.

  • Not being risk adverse – we allow people to live and will never say no to anyone unless there is a serious risk of harm.

  • Reducing the use of antipsychotic medication and adopting a behavioural approach to our care.

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